adaptable and expandable sound installation using solenoids and discarded analog electronics





installation at The Garden exhibition at NARS Foundation, NY.
May – June 2013

There are 5 mechanical devices that activate specific points of aural interest in the space. The combination of these devices with the features of the room generates an instrument for which tunes can be composed.

A sort of architectural jukebox, this piece can be installed in any space and in playing its selection of tunes, excite certain features in the room.





this instrument is built from the guts and motor of a cassette deck. It makes a pleasant whirring sound.



fed a pwn signal from the arduino to the built-in piezo from the phone. Patched in the little leds too, so they light up in sync with the sound.



was able to get an interesting range of sounds, from loud squawking to a clicky whisper.