interactive installation with 6-string, custom-built, self-playing instrument. 

wood, cardboard, bass strings & hardware, plastic, felt, arduino microcontroller and custom electronics.    2010

Each string is tuned to the frequency value correspondent to the area of each room in my apartment. For example: 172 square feet = 172 Hz (with some scaling to place it in the human hearing range).

The bass strings are plucked in a rhythm based on the pattern of dots (freckles) on my torso. This assembly is mounted directly on the wall, making the room itself part of an instrument that resonates the tones of another space. The viewers distance modulates the speed of rotation of the cylinder and the which strings are dampened.

In the process of playing the notes, the host space adds its own harmonic stamp to the sound.

pluck01 pluck02 pluck_02 pluck_01