Apparatus for playing and graphically recording 2-motor choreographies.

Stepper and DC motors, graphite, wood, skate wheel, hardware, custom circuit, and Arduino microcontroller.
A structure/machine for performing a set of composed motion and sound routines for 1 stepper and 2 DC motors outfitted with mark-making implements.
Affixed to flexible wires and asymmetrically balanced, the 2 DC motors move across the surface in an unsteady gait, inscribing their path as they go about their clumsy yet determined pas de deux.

Shown at the Drawing Center, NY for Where Do We Stand: Two Years of Drawing with Open Sessions, 2017.


Just getting started.

The motors hopped and made sounds as they struck the board.


Arduino with motor shield controlling the stepper motor and 2 DC motors.

(the other circuit is a voltage regulator)


detail of stepper and belt assembly.


skate wheel for belt assembly and carriage in motion.


graphite on a prepared board made for spidery lines.


the drawing got a lot denser as the show progressed.


this is how the drawing looked at the end of the month-and-a-half show.