Modified greeting-card sound modules with photocells, found speakers & motors, custom electronics, video projection. Variable dimensions. 2016

On a fertile wall a field of light-sensitive, sound-making circuits colonizes a surface. Each circuit hub extending its tendrils to collect light from projected drawings. Triggered by the light of animated lines – a moving graphical score, the autonomous modules emit snippets of sounds and mechanical stirrings through clusters of speakers. The sounds contain processed sine waves generated by transpositions of spatial information from the gallery.



psf_01 psf_01a psf_02 psf_05 psf_10 psf_11 psf_13

and below are some images while testing the piece in my studio. Lower ambient light meant that I could leave the photocells exposed.



psf_14 psf_15 psf_16 psf_17 psf_18