Recreating the architecture of memory through sound. The street addresses of my first home and my current one are spoken out loud. The sounds are recorded and interpreted into a waveform which is used to create a 3 dimentional form in space.

maria angélica, hanging from the ceiling, it’s the first address I remember.

sheetrock, rope –approx. 63’’ x 34 1/2”, 2007 -2019


7th Street, on the floor, is my current address.

sheetrock, rope – approx. 63’’ x 27”, 2007 – 2019

This piece was recreated for the exhibition Toward the Unsound  at the Arts Club of Chicago, January 23 – April 27, 2019


Installation view with transient modes & antinodes on the right and river reverb in the background

And here is the first iteration of this piece. Made for the exhibition this is here at Magnan-Emrich Gallery, NY, 2007.